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Traffic Citations and Criminal Charges

Very often traffic citations and criminal charges go hand in hand. Unfortunately, today there are many things in the world that may distract people while driving. Whether it is the cellphone in their hand, being late for work or even texting while driving, distractions can cause people to be involved in motor vehicle accidents, may cause people to speed or even absent mindedly violate the basic rules of the road. These types of incidents may lead to the issuance of a citation that will most likely be either civil or criminal in nature.

In the event you have been issued a citation, whether it is criminal or civil in nature, you are legally afforded the opportunity to request a hearing at the appropriate court in which the offense occurred. Retaining an attorney to guide you through this process will provide you with vital information that you may need to ensure your right to due process. Due process is the legal requirement that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts must respect all of the legal rights that are owed to a person. For example, if you wish to contest the traffic citations or criminal charges   that has been issued against you, the court is obligated to grant you a hearing wherein you are allowed to contest the facts that initiated the issuance of the  citation. However in order to be afforded this very important step in challenging the citation, it is vital to make certain that you file the request for a hearing within the applicable time frame. This time frame is significant and if missed, it is more likely than not, you will not be granted a hearing for the pending civil or criminal infraction.

Seeking the guidance of an experienced attorney for any legal matter is always in your best interest, especially when the need for following basic court procedures will ensure your ability to exercise your right to due process.

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